The turn-based system of Stone Age 2 makes it extremely difficult for a player to fight effectively alone. Therefore, they may enter battle with helper characters known as Pals, essentially pets. Any regular monster in the game is availabe as a pet. (With possible exceptions)

A player begins with the ability to have one pet assist them in combat. Every five levels, they receive another slot for a pet in battle, up to a maximum of five helpers upon reaching level 20.

It is assumed that a player may not have this many pets out in combat if they are in a party.

Loyalty and Favorite Food Edit

A pet's Loyalty determines its willingness to follow player commands. Pets' loyalties will drop when they or the player fall in combat, and are raised by gaining a level or giving the pet a favorite food.

All pets will have a favorite food, which may or may not be an item the player may also eat. Discovering this food item is extremely beneficial to keeping a pet, as it provides a buffer against the loyalty drop from dying.

Acquiring a Pet Edit

The starter pet given to the player is designed to be entirely contrary to their selected Element. For instnance, a character with equal attributes in Land and Water will be given an animal with Fire and Wind (Uri.)

To acquire other Pets, the player must attempt to Capture them during a battle. The Capture command will cause the player to rush to the target and attempt a Capture. If this is successful, a series of nodes will appear on the screen indicating how many turns the Capture will take. The enemy will be Captured as a usable pet after being dragged across all of the nodes, at a rate of one per turn. If the player uses any command other than Capture, or is attacked by another enemy, they will fail the Capture and the enemy will return to their regular position.

Enemies may flee after a failed Capture attempt. Success brings them into the party as a pet, with relatively low Loyalty.

Success in capture rates depend on the player's and desired enemy's levels, the enemy's health, and other uncertain factors.

Releasing a Pet Edit

Pets may be released. If this is done in the wild, the pet disappears. If done in the Den, the pet will stay there and interact with other pets, which may be beneficial or disastrous.

It is recommended to only keep pets of a high loyalty in the Den, and leave food items on the floor for them.

Other items left on the floor, such as spirit stones and rocks, will likely be destroyed if there are pets with them.

Aging Edit

Information from some players who have played Japaneses Stoneage2.

Originally, pals will be dead when they reached 9 years old.Sad T_T

Because of that, players from Japaneses stoneage2's Close beta found it annoying and time-consuming.They said it was unreasonable that they used plenty of time to train their pals to high level only to end in natural death.

Finally,Japaneses officials accepted their opinion and canceled this special feature.Therefore, age feature is USELESS now.At least it won't affect pals' life. Others questions like will age affect the probability of combination?, will age affect pals' base status? are still Unknown!!

As we all know, Aeria Game bought Stoneage2 from Japaneses agency, so it is believed that the aeria's close beta already followed what Japaneses have done which means that age function in the SA2 is useless just like the japan one.

Stat Variance Edit

Pets of the same race (ie. a group of Annsero) will not necessarily have the same stats at a given level. The system for this is not entirely known.

Breeding Edit

All pet races have compatibilities and rivalries with other pet races.

If two pets who have a compatibility are left together in the player's Den, they may become attracted to each other. When hearts appear above their heads, dropping an Old Love Fruit near them will lead one of the pets to eat it.

There will then be a roulette of lights, most of which are red. If the roulette lands on red, a hideous skull icon will appear and the pet that ate the fruit will die.

Red or blue, an egg will appear in the Den's Pal list.

The pet that hatches from the egg will be at level 1 and will be the same type as one of its parents. It will have the same stat gains as one caught wild as well, the base stats will just be higher and are determined by the parents stats. (In other words if you want to gain anything significant from it you are going to be sacrificing a level 100+ pal as there is a 90% death chance.)

Capturing a pal Edit

One important thing you have to know is that a player can't capture a pal whose level is 20 levels lower than the player levels.(or 30 levels) For example, if you are level 40 and are trying to capture a lv1 pal, you will fail every time.

Solutions: A higher level player can bring a lower level player to the capture place.

P.S:Player with higher level should bring a pal(KUBO or BUKI) because those pals have a skill called "HACHIKO" which is known as defending others. Since the level one pal will accompany 2 or 3 high levels monsters, it is crucial to have a pal protect the lower-level player. It is because the lower-level player is the key to capturing the pal! He cannot die!

(You can capture level1 pal at any level, all you have to do is minimize its health.)(recommend: poison)

(Level 1 pal can have much better attributes. e.g. an own trained level 50 pal would normally have better attributes than a captured pal of the same level, according to StoneAge 1)