Apparently due to the translation process from the original game (which was written with Japanese text in game if I'm correct), there is some disagreement within the game as to just what to call each attribute. I'll try to document here what I've seen in game as well as what I've learned from comparing English game items to items in the Japanese wiki (which is still being used as a source for Combination recipes in the game). I use as my base-line the attributes as they appear on the in game Status screen accessed by pressing C or clicking the big button in the upper left of the window and choosing Status.

Attribute on in game Status page (and what I use in wiki) Attack Energy Speed Spirit
Attribute on character creation screen Attack Energy Speed Spirit
Attribute on character selection screen Strength = Adjusted Attack Energy Agility = Adjusted Speed Spiritual = Adjusted Spirit
Attribute on items in game Attack = Strength Energy Speed = Alert Spirit

Items which say, "Need: Strength 3" or something like that need the base attribute (without gear adjustments) to be that high or higher for you to be able to equip and use the item.

The character selection screen shows both base-line and adjusted attributes:
Strength shows adjusted Attack for gear.
Defense shows adjusted Defense for gear.
Agility shows adjusted Speed for gear.
Spiritual shows adjusted Spirit for gear.
The four stats at the bottom of each character show the base-line in game values without gear.