Choosing your characterEdit

After logging in, click the small "NEW" button under one of the character boxes.
Select one of the twelve character appearances -- they are all identical in gameplay.
Each appearance may have one of four variants selected -- generally only color -- and be rotated to see from all angles. To select another appearance, choose NO. To accept this appearance, choose YES.
Select a village to begin the game in:
  • Maquina, a village in the snowy mountains
  • Shefa, a village in the plains
  • Halbol, a village by the beach
Select your character's eyes and mouth for your Name Card and enter their name. Entering a name that has been taken will disconnect you from the game, with an error message.

You will be given 100 points to select your elements, of which you may not pick opposing ones:

  • Water v. Wind
  • Land v. Fire

As you raise an Element higher, it will require more points, starting with 10 -- to place two elements at 5 will take all 100.

You will be given a starter Pal whose elements are roughly the opposite to yours.

You will also be given 20 Bonus Points to select your character's statistics:

  • Strength determines the damage dealt with a successful hit and your Defense.
  • Energy determines your maximum Endurance (health) and Defense. Endurance not only allows you to take more damage, but also to swim for longer.
  • Quickness determines your Speed, which determines your order in turn during battle and your ability to dodge attacks. It has no apparent effect on ability to hit an enemy.
  • Spiritual determines your effectiveness with Spirits (magic) and how much of your Guts (mana / motivation) is required to use them. The maximum Guts is always 100.


Most MMORPG's have an amount of specific builds (layouts of statistics) that are known to be very effective.

Energy/Strength (Warrior) Edit

Strength: 10 Energy: 10 Raise these both evenly

Strong and durable, but will almost always perform last in combat. Magical abilities are more or less useless.

These characters will be able to use the strongest weapons and the heaviest armor, however, and will likely survive to deal their turn of damage, which will be considerable.

Claws and light armor require Speed to equip and are not worth looking into.

Strength/Speed (Berserker/Hunter) Edit

Strength: 10 Quickness: 10 Raise only speed for a few levels, until 5 or so, then raise as desired.

Hits strong, hits first. Can barely take any damage. Eliminate enemies before they knock your health away.

Berserker: look into claws, and light armor, as other equipment requires statistics to equip that you will not have. Claws can also attack multiple times in a single turn.

Hunter: look into a bow and light armor, a bow sprays the battle field with arrows 1 arrow / enemy (If lucky) but can connect to every enemy on the battlefield, has a lower chance of hitting then claws and melee weapons but can deal serious damage on larger mobs.

Energy/Spiritual (Mage) Edit

Energy: 10 Spiritual: 10 Raise only energy until about level 5, then raise as desired.

You will likely only be able to use the spiritual armor. Accessories are your only means of attack.

Catch and use strong Pals until you acquire an accessory that lets you use effective Spirits.

Speed/Spiritual (Mage) Edit

Quickness: 10 Spiritual: 10 Raise speed until about level 5, then raise as desired.

Until acquiring a worthwhile spirit, this character will be terrible. Rely on your Pals to level until you can obtain a useful accessory.

Strength/Spiritual (Shaman) Edit

(Under Testing!!!) Strength: 10 Spiritual: 10 Raise spirit until you reach about 25 spirit then raise as desired.

This class is not a starting class.

Until acquiring a worthwhile strength, this character will be terrible. Rely on your Pals to level until you can obtain a useful accessory.

Shamans look into boomerang weapons, and a mixture of light and heavy armor depending on your specific spec. Heavy if you're slow, light if you're fast.

One thing spirit builds have in common is that you should acquire a healing chest armor from your local armor shop either "Of Healing" which will only heal you, or "Of The Pleasant Spirit" which is more expensive but you're able to heal anyone on the battlefield.