The combat system in Stone Age 2 is similar to that found in older console RPG's. It is also often compared to an older game Fairy Land by groups of Asians due the "overworld encounter" system.

Combat Flow Edit

While walking about in the overworld (ie. anywhere but inside a village), the character party may be attacked by an enemy by random encounter. When this happens, they are whisked off to another screen for the battle.

On this screen, each character, pet, and enemy will attack in an order determined by their speed, generally the same order each battle turn.

The following actions may be used each turn:

  • AI (pet only)
  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Special Move (pet only)
  • Spirit (character only)
  • Capture (character only)
  • Care (character only)
  • Flee

Arena NPC's Edit

See: Forum topic

Certain NPC's, often found in villages, will ask if you wish to battle with them. By this, they mean have your Pal(s) battle with them.

The complication is that your Pal must be the same Rank and Weight as the given NPC to take their challenge. The initial rank for a pet is class C, and they will reach the next rank after every four fights, through B, A, S, and SS. Reaching a new rank also unlocks a special Pal.

The Weight generally increases along with the Rank, but there are some matches with completely mismatching requirements.