Tips and Tricks Edit

  • How do you capture/train monsters as pets?

  • Right clicking on the timer or the battle menu will repeat the last action that you did.

  • To feed your pet, simply drag and drop the food from your inventory into the pet's icon.

  • Feed your pet their favorite food and watch their mood increase significantly.

  • Feeding pet with meat from their own species tends to make them very unhappy.

  • Heavier Armors, Axes and Spears lowers speed.

  • Press "space" to activate chat bar.

  • You can release your pet inside your den by going to the pet menu and select 'Release to the wild' your pet will stay in your den and play/socialize/fall in love with each other. Your pet will eat whatever food you drop inside the floor of your den (if they are hungry or feel like eating). Do not release your pet in the wild outside your den as your pet will run away.

  • Your pet will get unhappy if it has witnessed another pet eat the meat of it's species.

  • Keep a low level pet with you to weaken a low level monster that you wish to capture if your character becomes too strong.

Some things I have discovered in first few days
For finding Commands/hotkeys
click on the ICON in the top LEFT corner

windows can be closed by clicking the 'X' or just right click on the window

Quests are given by NPC's in villages they aren't really like any quests you may be familiar with there is no quest log There is a personal diary but you cant access it unless you are in your Den meaning you need to be in home town I think it was intended that you could make notes about quests and items found and pet locations etc in this diary

It is called an album for some reason I have no use for it yet

Pets can be photographed (not really just the breed name in a list) this must be done with pet turned loose to wild in your Den

You can control up to 5 Pets when you hit level 20 You can also turn loose 5 pets in your Den PETS eat alot of food while in your Den and will sleep by themselves when guts level gets low

There are 5 tabs of 4 pets in the manager UNSURE why

Not to be confused with the PARTY manager screen Where the tabs only are available when you are in a Party with other players. You can see what pets they have in this screen.

Pets react more favorably to items than food a good example is feed rotten grass to a bird pet and watch the mood and loyalty rise. Some like grapes which is a food experiment to find your pet's preferences

NEVER feed meat from the same breed to a pet. this includes leaving on the Den floor with the pet loose

Pets consume Guts when using special moves and when doing things in the Den like booting rocks out of the den etc.

Crafting requires SPIRIT and you can't combine from your character only a pet action. Spirit on players is for equipping limits only AT THIS TIME

Taming is most successful on "target pets" when their health is low experiment with this it works great if you don't kill it trying to lower the health

You must have an open slot to TAME this means if you have 5 pets with you ... you will fail every attempt (At this time)

You can not tame BOSSES despite one player's numerous attempts Smile the Taming action will not be accepted in combat on a BOSS

Some pets are very hard to train as they tend to run from battle or drop to guard mode alot THIS improves after you raise MOOD and Loyalty... items help on these breeds to get them co-operative

Chatting .. not documented very well hit the SPACEBAR or click mouse to the right of the : symbol below channel list to end Chat mode use ESC key or click mouse above or below text window

Also one bug, with HOTKEYs not working, can be FIXED by entering and exiting chat mode

About the present client: This works on Direct X not open GL there isn't a lag (sludge) factor due to shaders or objects loaded if you are experiencing lag in any form you really need to examine your video hardware and check to see if you are using the DEBUG version of DX drivers (obtained thru redistribution packs)

THIS game runs exceptionally smooth (in present form) on 2 GIG proc 1 meg Ram and any Nvidia card at or above MX400 series

There is a random unknown bug that occurs if you go afk for long periods of time... you return to find a box saying Unknown Error and client needs to be restarted When this happens you find you have NO STONES left Beware don't AFK for long periods of time.

The ESC key greatly increases the issuing of orders in combat BEWARE the current orders are used so if 3 pets are on WAIT they will stay on wait. This works good if all are going attack (any target) or if you want to keep them waiting while you tame Experiment with this ESC key use, it can be a speed tool for combat

Combat and experience: Despite your level or your pet's level any kill rewards at least 1 exp point this increases with numbers killed or levels of kills if you are constantly full of items and food try fighting harder ones

You can feed pets certain meats to increase their mood as well as endurance and guts this greatly effects how well they perform in battle

And lastly don't be in such a hurry to level up try to focus on getting a good selection of pets and level them and get them happy!!

Rumor is Pets can breed in your Den not sure with so many other things not working yet or even coded into place if this applies to Beta