Features of Stone Age 2

  • Over 30+ families of monsters to capture and train as your loyal pets.
  • Dynamically changing world and terrain.
  • Den system where you can play with your pets, hang out with friends, record your journeys and decorate to your heart's content.
  • Strategic Battles - Utilize your pets' strength and minimize it's weaknesses and be victorious!
  • Dueling system - Player versus Player or Pet versus Pet.
  • Pet AI system - Your pet actually learns from you and from pervious battles.
  • Mate your favorite pets to produce offsprings. Babies inherits the trait of it's parents.
  • Pet may send email or SMS (text) messages to their owner's cellphones.
  • Constant evolving world -- terrain and passable routes may change from time to time. Like the appearance or disappearance of dungeons, landscape, etc.
  • A blog system -- Events inside the game, and various information can be used to generate a blog instantly which can be viewed on the internet. Even non-players will see what is going on inside the game.