Gordon Family Edit


STR: ??
ENG: ??
SPD: ??
SPR: ??

Fire Lv5
Water Lv5
Wind Lv0
Land Lv0

Appears: 1-14

Pet info
# 52
Personality: Greasy
Fav Family: Own Family
Hated Family: Turtle, Catalcus
Fav Food: Fruits,
Hated Food: shells, bones, stones, grass, crystal, sand, feathers, horns, wood

It has the excellent attack power, but the ability of movement is slow.

Gorgon is found in 3rd lvl and above of the cave North of Halbol lvl 1: notte grotte 4th floor (X74Y67)

Element Attributes edited-
Original Data was 5 water 5 fire.
Whoever added the WIND and FIRE [OPPOSING ELEMENTS], needs to understand that this is a complication.
Wind and fire are NOT opposing elements.