Namda Heights is a cave system located at the far end of Suna Valley.

Recommended player level: 30+

Monsters Edit

Creatures that can be found in the cave system:

BANGINO Rigenodong Family

BUIBI Boovie Family

TORNIOP Trinops Family

TOROJA Hewbo Family

(And other nasty things I was too busy staying alive against to document. I'll record them all next go-round.)

Levels - 20 to 31, boss is 45 with level 38 & 35 guards.

Elements - not sure, will capture some next run.

Getting There Edit

From Suna Village:

Fight your way through Suna Valley. When you exit Suna Valley, you'll be in a small valley with Pharmacy vendor (with slightly inflated prices) and an altar with two priests next to it. The end of the valley is blocked by flames. You have to place offer 1-5 Cracked Shells (Shell Lv2) on the altar. Each one increases the chance of rain by 20%, so if you offer 5, it will start raining right away. Once it's raining, the flames will go out and you can cross into Namda Heights.

Quests Edit

no info yet...

Notable Monsters/NPCs Edit

GORGOR - Boss Level 45, Bellgar Family with 5 level 38 BANGINO (Rigenodong Family) and 2 level 35 TORNIOP (Trinops Family) guards.

The encounter with the boss starts when you attempt to exit Namda Heights.

Map Edit


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