Name Cards / Friend List Edit

Requesting Name Card exchange Edit

To start things off you will need to right click on someone you wish to add you your friend list.
Right clicking brings up the above image display. You click on "Personal Card" to request an exchange of name cards.

Receiving Name Card exchange request Edit

Also others may wish to become your friend. You will receive a window popup much like the one below. As well as a chat line saying who they are.
You can accept or decline.

Getting the Name Card Window Edit

To bring up the Window you can either clicking on the Basic Control button at the top left.
'Or you can press the "F" key.'

Using the Name Card Window Edit

This brings up the following window. [Names censored for privacy]
You can filter the list by clicking the Online, Offline, or All tabs at the top of the window.

Once you click on your friend you have several options as shown below.

  • Read new mail ~ Allows you to read new mail sent by this friend.
  • Read old mail ~ Allows you to read old mail sent by this friend.
  • Mail ~ Allows you to mail your friend.
  • Pal Mail ~ Allows you to send Pals/Pets and/or Items to your friend.
  • Delete this namecard ~ Allows you to delete the namecard from your list.

[This removes you from theirs as well.]

Using the Mail Edit

When using the Mail, you can click "Change Address" to mail multiple friends at once. Be careful though as it sends the entire note to all of your friends you selected.

-Would like to thank LadyLene for her assistance as a target for the Name Card images.