Oboran Family Edit


STR: ??
ENG: ??
SPD: ??
SPR: ??

Fire Lv0
Water Lv0
Wind Lv6
Land Lv4

Appears: 3-10

Pet info
# 140
Personality: Mysterious
Fav Family: Own Family
Hated Family: None
Fav Food: All
Hated Food: None

It excels in defense,but has not high HP ability.

Food needs to be confirmed.
Learns Stone Magic at level 8 I think, which makes the enemy petrified for 3 turns (10 guts). Learns Hachiko, which makes it protect a chosen teammate (body shield, 20 guts). Learns "Call friends" which summons a swarm of Oboran to hit all monsters (60 guts). Not sure what level.