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Halbol Edit

Halbol - Halbol Elder Edit


  • House Coordinates: 140,77 & 133,69 [Halbol]
  • Coordinates: 20,9 [Inside house]

Quest 1 Edit

  • Obtain 3 Kukur meats

Go north of the village to your first wild pet area, go a little bit north and fight all the Kukurs you can and get three of their meats. Bringing them back to the Elder will award you with your first weapon "Broken Down Club".

Reward: Broken Down Club Attack+4

Quest 2 Edit

  • Conquer the tree.

See: BadawalStump

Ground Floor: Go North out of the village and head North East to (373,415). Enter the tree and follow the west road all the way round in a kind of semi circle keeping to the outer wall, until you see a hole in the floor at (75,39) and go down it.

Floor -1: Follow the path south-west until you reach another hole at (18,65)

Floor -2: Take the Path heading North-East all the way around until you hit a junction, at which point turn south-west and follow the path to find yourself at another hole. (15,95).

Floor -3: The only way you can go right now is north-east, so do it. Once you get to the junction go south west and take the path thats there, follow that round to get to the next hole. (15,94)

Floor -4: Just keep going north east, following the curve. then when the junction comes take the north-west part and follow round to get to the next hole. (110,54)

Boss Floor right this guy is solid, you should wait around in the room and group people together to get a team of at least 4 level 9-11's. once you beat him make sure you get the item "broken bell and take it back to the elder to claim your reward.

reward: Guts Soup(10) Guts+10, Wake Up Grass wakes up sleeping people, smells horrible

Quest 3 Edit

  • Deliver the Fish

You are asked to deliver a lively fish to Gusis in Poma. According to the elder, this is north of the Tree. hes wrong, its east of the tree lol. anyway head pretty much east from the tree to a log bridge at (468,443) and cross, then follow the river north until you get to the Notte cave at (557,332)

See: NotteCave

Follow the path on that map untill you get to the green dot and go through that exit, it will bring you to the city of Poma!! now Give yourself a pat on the back, that was the most annoying journey ever. Well it was for me.

Quest 4 Edit

Before taking this quest you must first complete a quest for Poma Elder, after doing quest 3 for Halbol Elder.

You will be asked to retrieve the Ancient Litograph from Ruins of Sanau.

It is recommended to go to Soarna before going to Ruins of Sanau as there are 2 other quests in this cave, both obtained from Soarna.

See: SanauRuins for directions, map and more details.

Halbol - Tosaga Edit


  • Coordinates: 139, 118 [Halbol]

Quest 1 Edit

  • Obtain 3 Dried Branches (Lv 1).

You can obtain the dried branches near the fruit trees, off the dinosaurs, or at the beach to South of Halbol.

Reward: Guts Soup(20) Guts +20

Halbol - Orgii Edit


  • House Coordinates: 150,114 [Halbol]
  • Coordinates: 11,6 [Inside house]

Quest 1 Edit

  • Mow the grass.
  • Time Frame: Daytime

You will be teleported to another map in which you and your pets will mow the grass. You right click on each grass patch visible within 5 minutes. You do not need to have your pal walking in order to use it. In fact I suggest you walk alone when in this map. As you mow the grass you have a chance of using any of your maximum 5 pets with you to pull out the grass. When you yourself pull it out, it takes away a bit of your endurance each time until you have 1 hp left. At which time your chances to pull relying on your own strength is reduced. More pets = more chances one of them will pull for you.
Reward: Stones Depending on how many you pull out withing 5 minutes. You get 3 stones for every weeed you pull out.
Additional Reward: Possibility of obtaining one of the following items when mowing or after as a reward

  • Energy Soup +100 Edr
  • Super Energy Soup +300 Edr
  • A soft weak grass [Needed for Merle's Quest]
  • Lily Grass [Lvl 3 material]
  • Mandrake [Lvl 4 material]

-Unsure if there is more. It seems you can get lvl 1 to 4 grass but not confirmed yet.
-Seems you get more stones per weed (or a bonus of some kind) once you get past 100 weeds. [Not yet officially confirmed]

Halbol - Nunua Edit


  • House Coordinates: 174,103[Halbol]
  • Coordinates: 10,5 [Inside house]

Quest 1 Edit

  • Kill the Mischievous Dinosaur that ruins Nunua's garden!
  • Time Frame: Night time (but you get the quest during the day)

The dinosaur that is ruining her garden is a level 10. A bit strong too. So be careful. Would be helpful if you have a healing spirit skill to heal your pets or food.

Note: I faced a lv 15 dinosaur and got the lv3 flower for it - Gyumaou 10:26, 20 June 2008 (UTC)


  • Morning Dew Flower Level 2 Flower
  • Scent Flower Level 2 Flower
  • Large Flower Level 3 Flower
  • Beautiful Flower Level 3 Flower
  • Small Flower Level 1 Flower

Halbol - Merle Edit


  • Coordinates: 80,144

Quest 1 Edit

  • Retrieve a Soft Weak Grass for her pet

Halbol - Iarena Edit


  • House Coordinates: 150,114 [Halbol]
  • Coordinates: 15,10 [Inside house]

Quest 1 Edit

  • Collect 3 Thin Leathers for her.

Shefa Edit

Shefa Elder Edit


  • House Coordinates: 209,62 & 216,69 [Shefa]
  • Coordinates: 19,10 [Inside house]

Quest 1 Edit

  • Collect 2 SEBOS Meat.

Exit from Shefa and kill the Sebos cows for their meat. Bring it back to the Elder for your reward.

Reward: Broken down stone club +5 Attack -1 Speed -1 Alert

Quest 2 Edit

  • Go to Cave of Nazs

The cave system is to the north of Shefa. Nazuth Cave 6th floor at the end is a lvl 14 kiraso member(dont remember which one) and 4 other "minions" that will run away when the leader is defeated. take the items you get back to village elder for reward Reward: energy soup poison healers liquor

-Quest info provided by Liquid_Chaos and Kitten_StoneAge and Yumyum.

Quest 3 Edit

  • Go to 'Bow the fortune teller' at the Harbol fireplace and ask him about the weather.

Quest 4 Edit

  • Get back stolen items from the dino thief

For at least one of the quests [pretty sure third] you will be asked to go obtain stolen items taken by the dino thief. The dino is sleeping when you find it and all your player has to do is click on it in order to obtain the stolen property. It's a very simple task.

Note: this only happens when it is day. At night, the dino is awake and is lvl 15 and you will have to fight it.

P.s.: You have to go east 'till you hit the mountain then go south 'till you see a cave entrance.

Prize: Heavy stone helmet. +12 defense -4 speed

Marquina Edit

Marquina - Marquina Sub-Leader Edit

  • House Coordinates: 157,177 [Marquina]
  • Coordinates: 13,14 [Inside house]

Quest 1 Edit

  • Collect 1 Dried Branch.

Reward: Broken down bone club +5 Attack +3 Critical

Quest 1 Edit

  • Deliever a letter to Shefa's Chief.

Reward: 100 stones

Quest Edit

  • Collect 3 Atorage Meat

Likely east of Sabune Village (250,228)

Reward: Posion Healers Liquid, Relax Fluid

Marquina - Marquina Leader Edit

  • Travel to cave SW, cross two bridges.

Marquina - Setina Edit

  • House Coordinates: 157,177 [Marquina]
  • Coordinates: 18,25 [Inside house]

Quest 1 Edit

  • Collect 5 Soft furs.

Likely to be found from Annsero drops.

Marquina - Gegi Edit

  • House Coordinates: 63,90 [Marquina]
  • Coordinates: 11,16 [Inside house]

Quest 1 Edit

  • Deliever Maquina's Frozen Meat to Halbol's Butcher.

Reward: 60 stones