Sabune Glacier is a cave system located to the East of Maquina

Recommended player level: 12+

Monsters Edit

Creatures that can be found in the cave system:

EYECAS - Catalcus Family

Jyag - Jarg Family

PARAPO - Garapo Family

PENTAS - Trinops Family

SIBOS - Seaboth Family

Levels - 4(1*) to 16 (* have only seen level 1 JYAG and that was a rare spawn in boss room)

Elements - The creatures in Sabune Glacier are mainly Water

Getting There And The Whereabouts of The Lvl1 Spawning Point!!! Edit

From Maquina:

Walk East (up to right) to Sabune Village. After entering Sabune, you will find path to glacier on your left as you enter town. Bring 5 KUKU meat (from bottom floor of Nazuth Rocks cave as you will need 1-5 of them to activate bridge to glacier (depends on weather, 1 if snowing, 3 if raining, 5 if clear weather).

There are more than 1 lvl1 spawn point. walk around by the Glacier in Sabune Glacier until you hit a lvl1. The lvl1s r (EYECAS[rare], Jyag[common], PARAPO[pain in the butt to catch and take down], and Rarely see SIBOS lvl1)

My char name is William. if ur lookin for me im on the German server. If you need help catching lvl1s that u cant get in the noob zone, give me a hollar (:D

Quests Edit

no info yet...

Notable Monsters/NPCs Edit

Baroroks - Boss Kurorox Family with 5 EYECAS (Catalcus Family) guards level 15-16
Dodomu - Light Weight class S
Ruburun - Light Weight class SS

Map Edit


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