Stone Age 2 uses a simple set of five statistics, four of which may be modified directly. There are few, if any, complications on this system.

Statistics Edit

  • Strength affects your raw damage with a successful attack. It is required to use Spears.
  • Energy affects total Endurance (health). It is required to use Axes and Heavy Armor.
  • Defense is the statistic that cannot be directly modified. It is affected primarily by the armor worn. It may be affected by Strength and Energy, but there is no consensus in this regard.
  • Quickness affects Speed, your place in the turn order during combat and your chance to avoid attacks. This is needed to use Claws and Bows.
  • Spiritual affects Spirit, which determines your ability to use Spirits and how much Guts (mana) they will consume.

  • Level Bonuses At level 5 you are able to use two monsters on the battlefield at a time.
  • Level 10 - 3 pets.
  • Level 15 - 4 pets.
  • Level 20 - 5 pets.

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